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Engagement Ring Designs

2024 Most Popular Engagement Ring Designs

21 Jan 24

2024 Most Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Thinking of proposing in 2024? Deciding on an engagement ring can be overwhelming and confusing with so many different styles available, particularly if you don’t know what your partner wants. We’ve put together a guide of the most popular engagement ring designs and trends in 2024 to help you out.

  1. Trilogy

Engagement Ring Designs

A trilogy is a three-stone ring with stones said to represent a couple’s past, present and future. A trilogy design provides many options in terms of stone size. Some people opt for three stones of the same size, while others choose a larger centre stone and pair it with two smaller side stones. Whilst diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings you can use any type of gemstone. Three diamonds maximize sparkle and brilliance. Or you can opt for a coloured stone like sapphire and add a diamond on either side.

A trilogy can also be created using any shape of the gemstone. A trilogy of round brilliant stones is a timeless classic whilst a trilogy of ovals is the most popular trilogy trend of 2024. You can mix and match the shape of the stones with a popular combination being a round brilliant or emerald centre stone with a pair of pear or tapered baguette diamonds on either side.

  1. Solitaire’s

Engagement Ring Designs

The solitaire is the most classic style of engagement ring. This type of setting showcases a singular gemstone in either a four or six-claw setting. It is a timeless piece which will always be on trend. Solitaire settings are simple and elegant and great for stacking with other rings such as eternity rings and wedding bands. Any shape and type of stone can be set in a solitaire setting and you can choose any colour gold or platinum to compliment your precious stone.

  1. Coloured Gemstones

Engagement Ring Designs

Whilst diamonds tend to traditionally be the most popular choice for engagement rings, 2024 is seeing the rise of coloured gemstones. Fancy colour diamonds can be found in a range of colours and other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and sapphires have become popular choices. The colour of these precious stones can create a striking and unique look for an engagement ring.


  1. Elongated cushion cuts

Engagement Ring Designs

The elongated cushion cut diamond is a nice alternative to the cult favourite oval cut diamond. Whilst this cut is not as well known as some of the other classics the longer stone looks classy on any finger shape and size. The look of the diamond can be changed up depending on the size and style of the claws used for setting with some people even opting for double claws on each corner to keep the stone secure. The elongated cushion can also be nicely framed by trapezoid or tapered baguette diamonds on either side.


  1. East-west settings

Engagement Ring Designs

East-west settings involve setting your gemstone horizontally on the band. This is a refreshing update on the traditional setting of gemstones in engagement rings. This subtle change in setting can give the gemstone a more striking and flashier look and also enhances the visual size of the diamond. This makes the ring more cost-effective as smaller stone looks much bigger set in this fashion. The most popular shape of the stone to be set in this way are ovals and emerald cuts.


  1. Eternity Bands 

Engagement Ring Designs

Eternity-style bands are rising in popularity as engagement rings. These multi-stone rings can either be half or a full band of smaller stones and provide a lot of sparkles. Any shape of the stone can be used, and some people even opt to use alternating stones of different shapes. The advantages of eternity bands are that they are less likely to get caught on things than a solitaire-style ring and the smaller gemstones make them more affordable too.

The most important thing to remember when buying an engagement ring is to get the one that you like the most and that suits your style the best. Once you’ve purchased your special piece be sure to insure it with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, so you’ve got peace of mind that it’s covered worldwide for accidental damage, loss and theft.

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