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Fast, affordable A+ rated Jewellery Insurance

We make great jewellery insurance easy

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is Australia’s Premier Jewellery Insurance Specialist.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is the preferred jewellery insurance provider for over 1000 jewellers.Comprehensive coverage with confidence

Comprehensive jewellery insurance coverage with confidence

Your best choice for:

Engagement rings Insurance, wedding rings insurance and other jewellery insurance

Worldwide comprehensive A+ rated coverage

When you don't want a jewellery loss claim to affect your home owner's policy rates

In the event of a claim there are no excess fees and out of pocket costs

Price competitive with any other jewellery insurance company.


Diamonds Falling

Think you don’t need jewellery insurance?

Listen to Victoria’s story here

Diamonds Falling

The 5 C's of Jewellery - Cut , Colour, Clarity, Carat and Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

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Read our Guide to Jewellery Insurance

Centerstone Jewellery Insurance is Australia’s premier jewellery insurance specialist.
We specialise in engagement ring insurance & wedding rings insurance and are the preferred jewellery insurance provider that over 1,000 jewellers within Australia now recommend.

We provide the best comprehensive worldwide jewellery insurance for your precious jewellery and timepieces.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance provides a specifically tailored insurance policy to give maximum protection for your jewellery

Whether it’s an engagement ring, anniversary gift or just a present to yourself, your jewellery is precious because it represents a special memory captured in time. Comprehensive jewellery-specific insurance gives you the confidence to wear your jewellery anywhere, anytime.

  • When you purchase your jewellery, ask the jeweller for Centrestone Jewellery Insurance protection. They will be able to enter your details and make sure you’re covered from the moment you purchase your gorgeous piece of jewellery.
  • If you have a piece of jewellery purchased within the last 12 months that you would like to insure, simply email or call our jewellery insurance experts on 1300 356 680 and they will be able to talk you through the process to get your jewellery protected.
  • If you have inherited a beautiful piece of jewellery or you purchased your piece over 12 months ago, it’s still very easy to insure your jewellery. Simply email or call our jewellery insurance experts on 1300 356 680.

Our services

Why Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

The Centrestone Jewellery Insurance Policy

Worldwide Cover

Return to your jeweller

150% Cover

Like-for-like replacement

No Excess Fee

Cover for accidental damage, loss and theft

Natural Disaster Coverage

Theft Coverage

Loss Coverage

Damage Coverage

Agreed Value Policy

Satisfaction Guarantee

Dedicated inhouse Claims Consultant

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