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Are You a Jeweller?

Personal jewellery insurance for your customers

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance difference, so your customers remain your customers.

Build your customer loyalty with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance provides a specifically tailored insurance policy for your customers. We ensure that your customers remain your customers

Build customer loyalty by mentioning personal jewellery insurance as an option to consider to protect their new jewellery.

Grow revenue every time your customers submit an approved item for fover with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance valued at $3,500 or more.

More than just insurance for your customers.

Since being founded, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance has been dedicated to the jewellery industry and continues to raise the tide of the industry with technology-led innovations and solutions that extend beyond jewellery insurance.

What makes your experience with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance are the multi-faceted benefits you receive from our unique portal and product offerings to support your customers who you have already nurtured the relationship with. Increase your bottom line and enhance your customer experience through Centrestone Jewellery Insurance unique insurance portal that is branded as your store.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance Difference

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance can be issued before the client leaves the store, meaning you?re covered from the moment you take possession of your jewellery.
The policy has been custom-made by jewellery industry experts in order to ensure that the client is covered for everything that they need.
Most home and contents insurance, including jewellery insurers are not tailored to the needs of jewellery, such as returning to your jeweller of choice.
It’s simple – comprehensive worldwide cover for accidental damage, loss and theft.
At Centrestone Jewellery Insurance you have piece of mind knowing that your customers have the best level of cover for their items and that in the event of loss or theft they remain your customers through the Centrestone Jeweller guarantee program.

Strengthen Customer Relations

Provide a premium level of service and give your customers the information they need to learn how to protect their new jewellery purchases, at no cost to you


Are you a Jewellery Store owner?

Request to Join the Centrestone Jewellery Insurance Program

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