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Australia's premier jewellery insurance specialists

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Want to pay less for better jewellery insurance?

Australia’s premier jewellery insurance specialists

Offering the most benefits for cover and peace of mind for your jewellery insurance and watch insurance needs

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Want to Pay less for better ring insurance?

Australia’s premier ring insurance specialists

Offering the most benefits for cover and peace of mind for your ring insurance needs

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance - premier jewellery insurance - insuring your valuables

Want to pay less for better jewellery insurance?

Australia’s Leading insurance specialists

Super affordable, A+ rated coverage at 150% of the appraised value. Monthly pay options also available.

Why Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

It’s simple – A comprehensive policy tailored for the needs of jewellery insurance and only jewellery insurance


Jewellery Specific Insurance

Our jewellery insurance policy separates us from your standard insurer by including all the necessary features to make sure your jewellery is covered

Jewellery Specific Insurance

If your jewellery is ever damaged, lost or stolen, it can be very stressful. For this reason, you will have a dedicated claims team member assigned to you to handle the process with the jewellers from start to finish.


Coverage up to 150%

If your jewellery can't be replaced for the agreed value, our jewellery insurance policy will cover you up to an extra 50%. That's our Quality Assurance Guarantee!

Coverage up to 150%

Make sure your replacement jewellery is the same quality. Centrestone provides jewellery insurance with additional cover to account for fluctuations in the replacement cost of your jewellery - we've got you covered


Return to your original jeweller of choice

In the event of a claim, your original jeweller will ensure the same level of quality and workmanship.

Return to your original jeweller of choice

Some insurers send claims to their preferred jeweller or cheapest bidder. Centrestone is different- we ensure that your replacement jewellery comes from the same place you bought it from. Now that is jewellery insurance


Worldwide Travel Cover

Comprehensive jewellery insurance against accidental damage, loss and theft anywhere, anytime

Worldwide Travel Cover

Travel with the knowledge that you're protected with centrestone Jewellery Insurance. Your honeymoon and holidays should be carefree

Dedicated Claims Team

Dedicated Claims Team

Your Jewellery is important to you and that is why it is important to us.

Dedicated Claims Team

Unlike other insurers, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance has a dedicated claims team whose focusing on Jewellery.

No excess fee

No excess fee

Jewellery insurance and watch insurance with no excess fee

No excess fee

In the event of a claim on a Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy no excess fee is charged, no other hidden fees are charged

Jewellery Insurance cover fast

Jewellery Insurance cover fast

Ready to protect your jewellery, do it with confidence and get your jewellery covered within 1 minute.

Jewellery Insurance cover fast

As the Jewellery Insurance Specialists, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance offers cover fast in as little as a 1 minute

Quick and easy Jewellery Insurance process

Quick and easy Jewellery Insurance process

Apply via phone, email, online or via our rapid QR code to ensure your jewellery remains safe

Quick and easy process

Get cover fast and buy with confidence! Get a full refund if you cancel for any reason within 14 days from when you buy your policy offering a 14 day moneyback guarantee

Jewellery Insurance Policy Comparison

Policy Features Centrestone Standard Home and Contents Insurance*
Deal with your preferred jeweller for any remake or repair Tick Close
If an item cannot be replaced for the insured value, we will cover an additional 50% Tick Close
Revaluation of your jewellery every year to match replacement cost Tick Close
No excess on any claims Tick Close
You are assigned a dedicated team member to handle the claims and remake process from start to finish Tick Limited - if specified
Cover for accidental loss, damage and theft Tick Limited - if specified
Add wedding bands, additional jewellery or watches to your existing policy Tick Limited - if specified
All specific details of insured items are stored securely for instant retrieval when needed Tick Generally you will require to specify with insurer
Instant cover for your precious jewellery Tick Generally you will require to specify with insurer
Worldwide travel cover Tick Generally only Australia-wide unless specified

Think you don’t need jewellery insurance?

Listen to Victoria’s story here

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Jewellery Insurance FAQ

Jewellery policies covers the loss, theft, or damage of jewellery items. It is designed to protect your investment in valuable jewellery, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and other precious heirlooms.

Jewellery insurance is not required, but it can be a good idea for individuals who own expensive or sentimental pieces of jewellery. If you have jewellery that is worth a significant amount of money, or that holds sentimental value, jewellery insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection in the event of loss or damage.

Applying with Centrestone is very quick and easy to do!

You can apply for a policy or receive an instant quote on our website by clicking here.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email with a link to upload your photos and documents. Once you have provided the required documentation someone from the Centrestone team will contact you to process your policy

Jewellery insurance policies may cover a variety of risks, including loss, theft, damage, and disappearance. Some policies may also cover the cost of repair or replacement, as well as the value of the jewellery at the time of the loss. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy covers for accidental loss, damage and theft all at the agreed value.

Jewellery insurance policies may not cover certain types of losses, such as losses that result from normal wear and tear or losses that occur while the jewellery is being repaired. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your policy to understand what is and is not covered. 

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance does not offer cover for personal jewellery items which are:

– Significantly modified such as modified men’s watches

– Mens chains, Mens Bracelets and Mens Earrings

– Have an insured value of less than $500

The cost of jewellery insurance can vary depending on the value of the jewellery being insured, the type of coverage being purchased, and the insurance company offering the policy. Get an obligation free instant quote here.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, is Australia’s premiere jewellery insurance specialist. Offering the best engagement ring insurance & wedding ring insurance, we keep it simple – comprehensive jewellery insurance cover against damage, loss and theft – anytime, anywhere.

We provide the best comprehensive worldwide jewellery insurance for your precious engagement ring, wedding ring and timepieces. We cover your jewellery wherever it goes. Your precious jewellery is made to be worn, so why insure it with a company that will only cover it at home?

A few simple steps is all it takes to get a quote.

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