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Our Philosophy

We do more than sell policies

The connected claim experience – Centrestone Jewellery Insurance Difference

Everybody seems to share the same problems when it comes to insurance claims  –  lack of visibility, poor communication and very little connection to what’s actually happening in the claim.

All too often, claim staff get so swamped with menial tasks and admin that the customer gets forgotten and frustrated.
Centrestone Jewellery insurance is different. Our sole focus is to create a connected claim experience for customers for their valued pieces of jewellery. It’s all about providing more visibility and better communication.

Our philosophy of always putting the customer at the centre of the claims process is the foundation that creates the connected claim experience. And although we use leading-edge technology that is unique in the industry, if it’s not based on a solid foundation of a customer-first approach, we would simply be the same as everybody else.

Our Approach

At Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, our goal is to offer customers an effortless solution to insuring their precious jewellery pieces.

Centrestone works closely with a network of jewellers to offer an insurance policy that is tailored specifically for your jewellery. Jewellers recommend Centrestone because they want their clients to have the most comprehensive protection available.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance can be issued before the client leaves the store, meaning you’re covered from the moment you take possession of your jewellery.

The policy has been custom-made by jewellery industry experts in order to ensure that you?re covered for everything you need and nothing you don?t.
Most home and contents insurance is not tailored to the needs of jewellery, such as returning to your jeweller of choice. It’s simple – comprehensive worldwide cover for accidental damage, loss and theft.

Why not simply buy the least expensive policy?

The saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more applicable when purchasing insurance coverage. Many inexpensive policies may not offer the coverage you need to protect your jewellery. Unfortunately, many policy holders don?t recognise this until they are faced with a loss without coverage and are forced to bear the financial burden themselves.

At Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, our insurance professionals take the time to fully assess the jewellery pieces being covered. We strive to proactively minimise your insurance costs without sacrificing protection. And most importantly, we guarantee in the event of loss or theft your watch/ jewellery you can return to the jeweller of your choice.

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