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Non diamond engagement rings

5 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings That Say I Love You

18 Oct 19

The tradition of a diamond centre stone in engagement rings is almost as old as time itself.  If you’re not feeling inclined to buy into this historical convention – from either a style or financial viewpoint – we have compiled a list of some of the best alternatives if you are thinking of straying from the customary diamond engagement ring.


In the years following Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring there was a sharp increase in the occurrence of stunning sapphires in engagement rings. Decades on, the same 12 carat stone now on the Duchess of Cambridge finger, sapphires have continued to grow in popularity. Sapphire centre stones are distinctive yet traditional and offer the perfect option for any bride-to-be’s seeking a touch of royalty. As you would expect, sapphires symbolise loyalty, nobility and romance adding an extra layer of significance to your engagement. These gorgeous stones are often cheaper than diamonds whilst still ranking high on Mohs hardness scale, making them both affordable and durable for everyday wear. We recommend pairing with a white gold or platinum setting for dreamy diamond alternative.



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For a ring that is as timeless as it is head turning look no further than an emerald. Emerald engagement rings have been increasing in popularity since Jackie Kennedy was gifted her stunning emerald engagement ring from John F. Kennedy in 1953. Her ring boasts a beautiful 2.84 carat emerald and is reportedly worth over $1 million. Traditionally, emerald stones have been symbolic of wisdom, and most importantly success in love. For a vintage look try pairing with a yellow gold setting with diamond accent stones.


The delicate hues in the salmon pink variety of beryl crystal Morganite makes for a beautiful alternative to diamond engagement rings.  Named after the financier and gem enthusiast G. P. Morgan, the dreamy stone is symbolic of compassion, promise and romance. Morganite is much more affordable than diamonds leaving more options when it comes to carat weight and design. If you are contemplating morganite as your forever stone, consider pairing with a rose gold setting to enhance the stones rosy hues.


While pearls may not be the first gemstone that come to mind when thinking about engagement rings, they are an exceptional choice for those searching for a ring that is both unconventional and classic. Signifying purity, happiness and loyalty what better way to celebrate your love than with this timeless gem. Pearls come in a variety of hues and are truly captivating when paired with a delicate yellow gold setting.


If you are after a ring that is truly unique an opal is a stunning option. Opals display a spectacular array of colours distinctive to each to each stone, meaning you will struggle to find two stones alike. Opals, like many other gemstones, have strong meaning attached to them. Symbolic of hope, innocence and purity, opals are purported to lose their lustre when worn by an unfaithful partner. Opals are quite delicate, so be mindful when choosing settings and accompanying side stones.

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