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Guide to jewellery insurance

Your Go To Guide For jewellery insurance

01 Jul 22

Guide to your jewellery insurance

Jewellery can carry a lot of significance for us. Marking specific milestones in life such as wedding rings, engagement rings, christening jewellery, and other events such as birthdays and Christmas presents from a loved one. Jewellery can even be something you bought for yourself just because you deserved it.

Whatever the reason, having the right insurance can provide cover for your items in the event of accidental loss, damage or theft (both within your home or away). Exploring your jewellery insurance options – including the ins and outs of insuring what’s precious to you can be difficult. This guide to jewellery insurance options should help you in your decision.

Insuring your jewellery at home and away

Your jewellery collection is unique, and it is made to be worn, not hidden away! That is why every Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy comes with policy features that have been specifically tailored for portable jewellery cover in the home and outside of your home. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance ensures that in the event of damage, loss or theft – your item is repaired back to its original condition or you receive a like-for-like replacement in the event of total loss.

Some home and contents insurance policies do not allow for jewellery to be covered outside the home unless the items are individually specified which attracts an additional premium. If you are considering insuring with your home and contents provider be sure to check if you are covered for theft under portable valuables cover extension.

Making a claim under home and contents insurance will generally incur a large excess and mean losing your no-claims bonus for years to come. Centrestone has a $0 excess and our premiums stay the same, even after a claim.

You can check on the Centrestone difference in our PDS. We cover accidental damage, loss or theft anywhere in the world.

Know the value of your jewellery

Knowing the value of what you want to cover is a helpful first step when deciding which insurance type is right for you. It’s also important if you ever need to make a claim – more on that later.

At home:

Think about that amazing necklace sitting in your jewellery box. Even if you don’t wear it out often, you shouldn’t skimp on the protection! Centrestone Jewellery Insurance can help protect your valuables from insured events like fire, flood, storm and theft that occur in the home. Worried about accidentally losing or damaging your bling? Unlike home and contents insurance, with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance there is no need to add additional cover as extras to your policy. Every Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy comes with a cover protecting your items against accidental loss, damage and theft, all under our comprehensive worldwide cover.

Jewellery under $3,000

With Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, any jewellery item valued under $3,000 can be insured for as little as $9.98 per month. All with the same comprehensive policy with all the features that Centrestone is known for.

Unlike home and contents policies which may be capped at $2,000 per item, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance covers your item up to 150% of the replacement value.

Jewellery above $3,000

If you have a special jewellery item that’s valued at over $3,000, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance offers you the best cover for your jewellery pieces. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy features have led to Centrestone Jewellery Insurance now being the preferred jewellery insurance provider by over 1,000 jewellery stores across Australia.

Compare Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

Away from home:

Have a jewellery piece you can’t leave home without? Perhaps it’s your engagement ring and wedding band that you can’t stand to part from while on your honeymoon on the beaches of southern Europe. A Centresone Jewellery Insurance policy can be useful before you walk out the door. No additional premium or add-on is necessary, as every Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy comes with a cover that insures your jewellery and watches for accidental loss or damage, as well as insured events like fire, flood, storm and theft anywhere in the world. And because we’re talking jewellery—you’re covered anywhere in the world., and unlike home and contents insurance policies, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance offers worldwide cover regardless of how long you are overseas.

Portable Cover

There is no need for a specific portable cover with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance as every policy comes with worldwide cover and up to 150% of the value of the jewellery.

Survey reveals why travellers should take extra precautions with jewellery

Need to make a claim?

If you have to make a claim on your policy for loss, damage or theft of your insured items, you can notify us of your claim online, via email or over the phone. You can help speed up the process by having the following information on hand:

  • A description of what occurred, including the date, time and location of the event.
  • A statutory declaration which is your legal statement relating to the claim and provides specific details of the event
  • If your jewellery has been stolen, a copy of the police report noting the theft is required
  • If your jewellery is damaged, clear photos showing the damage are needed to confirm the damage
  • Any other relevant information relating to the claim to confirm the events, such as travel or hotel confirmations, lost property reports or email correspondence

Make a claim

How do you prove the value of your jewellery at claims time? It all depends on the specific item—but for most items, simply show a receipt or valuation certificate along with photo proof of the item when you make a claim. And if you think a jewellery item has been stolen, don’t forget to notify the police and include their report in your claim. There may be minimum proof requirements for your specific claim, so read the Product Disclosure Statement to be in the know!

A note on excesses

No excess fee will apply to all jewellery claims. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance charges no excess fee on all claims. To learn more about your excess, read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Returning back to the jeweller of your choice

Most insurers will offer a replacement for your jewellery items, however, many times this means that the insurer will send the replacement of your jewellery to the jeweller who quoted the least amount. This can lead to less than an ideal outcome. At Centrestone Jewellery Insurance we send jewellery job claims to the jeweller of your choice, in fact, it is written in our PDS.  What this means is that in the event of a claim, the replacement of your jewellery goes back to your jeweller.