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home & contents policy jewellery

The 4 main differences between Centrestone Jewellery Insurance and Home & Contents

29 Sep 21

When it comes to jewellery insurance and people looking to insure their jewellery, there’s a phrase we hear all too often that sadly is the result of misguided belief – “I’ll just put it on my Home & Contents”.

Without understanding the differences between a Centrestone Jewellery Insurance policy and a home & contents policy, people assume that they cover the same things – THEY DON’T!

So what makes us different?


home & contents policy jewellery

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance guarantees that if there is ever a claim, you can go straight back to your preferred jeweller for any repair or replacement.

Your jewellery is not a toaster, a fridge, a camera or a TV. Most items that fall under Home & Contents are depreciating assets, and the insurers know this. When it comes to a jewellery claim, the insurers know that they can save money by directing the claim to their own workshop or their selected preferred jewellers.

The problem with this is that you are then not getting back the same quality and craftsmanship that you purchased originally. If it’s being made for less, it generally means the replacement of your jewellery is being made by a jeweller who is less skilled, less experienced, and who will produce an inferior replacement of your much-loved jewellery.

Jewellers recommend Centrestone Jewellery Insurance at the point of sale because every day they feel like they are in a fight with their customers’ home and contents insurers to get the full insured amount out of the insurer. With Centrestone, they know that the claims process takes days, not months and that the item will be replaced exactly like for like.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is the only jewellery insurance provider we recommend to our customers, especially when the purchase is the most sentimental purchase of their life, the engagement ring! We know that Centrestone are transparent and honest in all their dealings with our clients, in honouring claims and replacing exactly what they had lost. Centrestone’s claims process was extremely professional and smooth which made the whole process pain free. If something ever happened to your engagement ring or your treasured diamond jewellery at least you have the peace of mind dealing with Centrestone Jewellery insurance. – Armans Fine Jewellery

home & contents policy jewellery


Jewellery, over time, does not depreciate – it increases in value. The reason for this is that most jewellery is a composition of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, which are priced in $US dollars and are subject to supply and demand of their own markets. Generally over time, not only do the replacement costs of the materials increase, but inflation will mean the jewellers need to increase their prices. A falling $A against the $US will also mean it will cost more in the future to replace your item than what you paid for it today.

That is why we cover 150% of the insured value (up to a maximum increase of $50,000) so that if replacement costs increase over the 12-month insured period, you will not be out of pocket.

For example, if you have purchased your engagement ring for $10,000, and after 6 months the ring is stolen but now the jeweller says it is $15,000 to replace it due to increased costs, you will be covered so you can get back exactly the same quality and craftmanship you had originally.

home & contents policy jewellery


Centrestone Jewellery insurance not only covers your jewellery for accidental damage, loss and theft, but covers it anywhere in the world. Unlike home & contents policies or travel insurance policies which have time limits and exclusions on places you can visit, under a Centrestone policy there is no exclusions on how long or where you can be overseas.

Most travel insurance policies only cover single items up to about $5,000, so while you’re paying the premium, you won’t be covered if your item is worth more than that amount.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance covers your most precious jewellery anywhere in the world for accidental damage, loss and theft.

home & contents policy jewellery


If tragedy strikes and your precious jewellery is damaged, lost or stolen, we know that this can be extremely upsetting and stressful. That’s why we have made sure that no excess fee is applicable on all claims, that way you are able to have your much-loved treasure repaired or replaced by your preferred jeweller.

The excess on Home & Contents policies can be many thousands of dollars. A claim will increase the premium of your whole home and contents policy for many years into the future.

We do not increase the premium on policies after a claim has been made.

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