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Truth about jewellery travel insurance

The Scary Truth About Jewellery Travel Insurance

15 May 19

Like most Australians, the imminent threat that “winter is coming” probably has you glued to Webjet’s latest flight deals to Europe or anywhere north of the equator. Before you pack your bags, there is a few things you should consider when preparing for your next trip. The seasoned traveller is probably well aware of the perils and risks associated with travelling overseas and already has a general insurer in mind for arranging travel insurance. Before you go ahead and lock in travel insurance, give us a chance to convince you why leaving your jewellery off your travel insurance policy and organising specialist jewellery insurance through Centrestone is a far more astute decision.

Why should I take out insurance for my jewellery while travelling?

Before you arrive at your destination, the real threat of lost or damaged baggage from the aeroplane flights can mean your valuables don’t even make it to your first hotel room.

When travelling overseas, you may find yourself in unfamiliar cities where theft is prevalent. As a tourist, chances are you and your Nikon camera stand out to the locals. This leaves you open to petty crimes like pickpocketing.

No matter how careful you are when travelling, the inevitable disruption to your daily routine can leave you wondering where your jewellery has wandered.

Most holidays involve more adventurous activities than everyday life, so there is an increased risk of damage while seeking thrills. Tropical holidays are also plagued with risks. As you might know from our blog, When Should You Remove Your Jewellery? swimming in cool water can reduce your regular finger size drastically. This increases the likelihood of a ring slipping off and being lost forever in the Mediterranean Sea.

Truth about jewellery travel insurance

Why should I use a specialist like Centrestone over travel insurance when insuring my jewellery?

Insurance is a definite must for the unforeseen perils that may arise while travelling. But before you add your engagement ring to a travel insurance policy, consider the following.

Insufficient payout limits

Most travel insurance policies have pay-out limits on items insured. This means that if you lose your jewellery while travelling, the insurer may only compensate you for a portion of what your precious jewellery is worth. With Centrestone, we offer coverage up to 150% of the insured amount to ensure you aren’t out of pocket should the unexpected happen.

You may have to go to the insurer’s preferred repairer.

With Centrestone, we know that a significant portion of your jewellery’s value comes from the delicate craftsmanship of your jeweller. Therefore, we know it’s important to give you the choice of who remakes or repairs your jewellery. Big general insurers often shop around with repairers to get the cheapest quote for a replacement, sacrificing quality in the process.

May be subjected to high excess

Typically the excess for a travel insurance policy will be in the region of several hundred dollars to deter fraudulent claims. With Centrestone, we know having your jewellery lost or stolen is stressful and upsetting, so we don’t want to rub salt in the wound. The excess to claim with Centrestone is only $50.

Packing your bags for your next overseas trip? Get a quote now to see how affordable worldwide coverage is with Centrestone!