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Engagement Ring

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring?

28 Jul 23

The tradition of presenting a diamond engagement ring to seal a marriage proposal remains deeply ingrained in Australian culture. For generations, diamond engagement rings have continued to symbolize a romantic gesture representing commitment, sacrifice, and the profound moment when two lives join together.

The custom follows from medieval European origins but endures in Australia today due to diamonds’ aura of elegance, purity, and enduring value. Diamond rings carry high sentimental significance as the ultimate treasure to offer one’s beloved when asking for their hand in marriage, unlike any other type of engagement ring.

The language of diamonds also holds meaning – the clarity, cut, carat, and setting say something about the giver’s feelings. For many couples, the sparkle and distinction of a diamond provide the perfect way to commemorate that once-in-a-lifetime proposal that starts a new chapter together.

While some traditions evolve, the romantic allure and emotional resonance diamonds hold in an engagement context remain steadfast. For Aussies seeking the perfect ring to symbolize lifetime commitment, diamond engagement rings continue speaking volumes without words.

So, the question that many Aussies ask is how much should we pay for a diamond ring? How much does it cost to pop the question, in other words?

The Average Engagement Ring Cost in Australia

According to the 2020 Australian wedding industry report, average couples spend around $5,400 on their engagement ring based on engagement ring shopping estimates. However, celebrity engagement rings flaunted on social media have warped perceptions, pressuring ordinary couples to spend more extravagantly. Celebrities like Mariah Carey (35-carat ring) and Kim Kardashian (20-carat) display rings worth millions. But replicating such opulence is unrealistic for most couples. If an everyday person wore a 2+ carat diamond daily, the risks of damage, loss, or theft would also be substantial.

While some splurge on one-of-a-kind designer statement rings, usually a wise budget for the average Australian engagement ring remains under $10,000. Couples should determine engagement ring purchase prices aligning with their financial means rather than trying to mimic celebrity excesses. Factors like ring design, diamond quality, metal types, and custom details also impact costs. But focusing more on expressing love versus price tags will lead to engagement rings cherished for a lifetime, regardless of carat size. 

What Factors Contribute To The Cost of Diamond Engagement Rings?

Purchasing an engagement ring is a significant investment. The price depends on several attributes of the diamond’s quality and specifications. Being informed about these factors helps couples choose between beauty, significance, and budget.

One major factor is carat, which indicates diamond weight, not physical size. Depending on cut proportions, some diamonds appear larger than their carat weight suggests. A well-cut stone with an ideal face-to-depth ratio enhances sparkle and brilliance through optimal light reflection. 

Diamond color is graded on a lettered scale from D (colorless) to Z (yellow tinge). The closer to colorless, the higher the value. But slight warm hues are often imperceptible when set. Prioritizing “colour” can save money with careful selection. In other words, settling on less clarity can help cut engagement ring costs significantly.

Clarity denotes internal flaws within the stone, rated from flawless to inclusions visible to the naked eye. Minor imperfections don’t always affect beauty, yet they can reduce cost. Excellent cut quality can also diminish the appearance of slight flaws.

Ring metal influences price as well. Platinum and gold engagement rings tend to be preferred for setting diamond solitaires. Lesser expensive silver reduces cost but is softer and requires more care.

Why Pick A Quality Engagement Ring Over A Cheap One?

Selecting an engagement ring is not just a purchase – it’s an expensive ring that is an investment in your relationship and future together. That’s why couples should look beyond price alone and invest in a well-crafted, high-quality ring they can afford. An engagement ring worn daily for decades must stand the test of time. 

Quality craftsmanship from reputable designers and jewelers results in rings with exceptional durability, structural integrity, and care over a lifetime of wear. Quality diamonds with favorable cuts exhibit superior brilliance through the years. Precious metals like platinum and yellow gold are better at withstanding nicks and scratches versus inferior alloys.

Higher quality also maintains long-term value should future appraisals or sales ever be desired. By choosing an expertly designed and constructed engagement ring, the initial investment goes further and sparkles longer as a symbol of your commitment. The meaningful memories made wearing that special ring day in and day out are also priceless.

An engagement ring’s purpose is to express everlasting love – so selecting excellent quality materials and precise craftsmanship elevates the meaning while becoming an heirloom to one day pass down.


Aussies agree that diamond engagement rings symbolize one of life’s most significant investments – not just financially but emotionally. After countless hours selecting that meaningful ring to earn your partner’s gasp, protecting it afterward is equally important. We urge all newly engaged couples to insure their ring against damage, loss, or theft. Bet yet get specialist engagement ring insurance.

Insuring provides peace of mind so that your cherished asset can be repaired or replaced even if the unimaginable happens. Relative to the ring’s value, insurance comes at a small annual cost to safeguard something priceless. Wear your ring freely without worrying that it could suddenly be gone.

Don’t think, “It won’t happen to me,” or that coverage is unnecessary. The sentimental significance of engagement rings makes them irreplaceable. Insurance provides financial protection for your ring’s monetary value, but its true purpose is preserving the memories and love associated with that special token of commitment. Start by guarding your relationship’s most precious symbol with proper ring insurance. You’ll thank yourself later.