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Insuring Your Jewellery in 2023

Insuring your Jewellery in 2023

20 Jan 23

Jewellery insurance is a type of insurance that protects your valuable jewellery from accidental damage, loss, and theft. Whether you’re a jewellery collector or just someone who wants to protect their treasured pieces, jewellery insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection.

How much is your jewellery worth?

It’s important to get your jewellery appraised by a professional, so you know exactly how much it’s worth. This will help you determine the right amount of coverage for your pieces.

To get your jewellery valued, you can take it to a professional jeweller or appraiser. They will typically examine the piece and take into account factors such as the type of metal and gems, the craftsmanship, and the age and condition of the piece. Some jewellers and appraisers may also use testing equipment to determine the composition of the metals and gems. You can also get your jewellery appraised by a professional appraiser. It is important to note that a jewellery appraisal will often cost money and that prices can vary depending on the location and the appraiser.

What policies should I look for when looking for jewellery insurance?

You’ll want to choose a policy that covers all of the risks that are most relevant to you. For example, some policies may only cover loss or theft, while others may also cover damage or loss due to natural disasters. If you are wearing your jewellery regularly away from your house, ensure that your policy will cover you for this. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance offers worldwide cover

So what can I do to cover my jewellery?

So, you are looking at getting insurance coverage for your jewellery? Many jewellery insurers cover jewellery such as wedding bands, and engagement rings and also include luxury watches or bracelets.

It’s also important to choose a policy with a reputable insurer and make sure to read the policy carefully and understand the terms and conditions, so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered. If your jewellery item is stolen or simply lost, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance will cover your jewellery with a like-for-like replacement at the agreed-upon value to replace the item with no haggling involved, all at the jeweller of your choice.

Why is it so important to go back to the jeweller of your choice?

Your jeweller is the craftsperson whom you trusted in creating your jewellery piece. Imagine damaging your engagement ring and being forced to go back to the cheapest bidder to repair your jewellery.

What items are typically insured with jewellery insurance?

Commonly insured items include wedding bands, engagement rings and valuable jewellery like engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces or bracelets. You can also insure luxury watches. Working with families as their trusted jewellery insurer is what we do every day. Connect with us and get an instant quote today to make sure your valuable jewellery items are covered.

How Much Does Coverage Cost?

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is committed to offering affordable coverage for its premium service. Centrestone also offers customers the ability to pay for coverage monthly or annually. You can get an instant quote here

In summary, jewellery insurance is a must-have for people who have valuable jewellery. It provides peace of mind and financial protection in case of loss, damage or theft. Get your jewellery appraised, choose a policy that covers all relevant risks and read the policy carefully.


For more information, go to A Quick Guide on How to Insure Jewellery