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Insuring Your Jewellery

Insuring Your Jewellery: Are your Jewellery Items Covered?

20 Dec 22

Many people don’t think about insuring their jewellery items. However, the cost of replacing a lost, damaged or stolen jewellery item can be quite steep, especially with the current rising prices in precious metals and diamonds. 

Some people assume that home & contents insurance will cover most items such as jewellery. But in many cases, a cap on the total amount that can be claimed per jewellery item will mean that the full replacement value of most items will not be covered. Your personal property limit may include coverage for valuable items such as jewellery or watches but usually only for the covered events of the policy such as fire or theft. There also can be sub-limits under some home & contents policies for theft of jewellery that can easily be exceeded. Simply losing a ring while on vacation or having a precious stone fall out of a ring while outside the house can fall outside some policies coverage.

So what can I do to cover my valuable items?

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is Australia’s premier jewellery insurance specialist. Specialising in covering jewellery such as wedding bands, engagement rings and also include watches or bracelets. 

If your jewellery item is stolen or simply lost, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance will cover your jewellery with a like-for-like replacement at the agreed-upon value to replace the item with no haggling involved, all at the jeweller of your choice. 

Insuring Your Jewellery


How much does the coverage cost?

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is committed to offering affordable coverage for its premium service. Centrestone also offers customers the ability to pay for coverage monthly or annually. You can get an instant quote here

What things are typically insured as “scheduled items”

Commonly insured items include wedding bands, engagement rings and valuable jewellery like engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces or bracelets. You can also insure luxury watches.

Working with families as their trusted jewellery insurer is what we do every day. Connect with us and get an instant quote today to make sure your valuable jewellery items are covered.