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What makes Centrestone Jewellery Insurance different from Home & Contents?

24 Jan 18

Find out what sets us apart from the pack.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is the most comprehensive method of ensuring your precious jewellery is covered from any unexpected damage, loss of theft.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about putting jewellery under home and contents insurance because it appears easy to lump it together with everything else that stays within your home. However, home and contents insurance might not be the best solution. More and more people are looking for comprehensive specialist jewellery cover so that they can have peace of mind when travelling or just living their everyday lives.

Jewellery is a cherished possession, not only because of its sheer value, but also because it holds sentimental value as a result of its connections to significant memories and moments in people’s lives. Centrestone understands that, so we have special policy features in place to increase comfort knowing your jewellery is covered.

Some Home and Contents insurers only cover you for damage or theft that occurs at home. Centrestone offers worldwide travel cover as part of our policy. We understand that travelling is a part of life and want you to have assurance that you are protected even when overseas or outside of the home.

When a claim is made, often insurers will attempt to replace items at the lowest possible cost to save them money. At Centrestone, we understand that in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, you want to return to your jeweller so that you can get a replacement as close to the original ring as possible. We also offer an additional 25% on the insured amount in the event that the value of any precious metals or gems fluctuate over time.

Centrestone provides an annual revaluation of your jewellery so that as time goes on, your insured value matches the replacement cost of your jewellery. With Centrestone you also have the option of adding wedding bands, additional jewellery or watches to existing policies so that all your jewellery is protected in the same comprehensive cover.

Losing a precious piece of jewellery is devastating enough. If a claim is made, the excess fee is a flat rate of $50 for all claims.

At Centrestone, it’s our mission to offer the most jewellery specific protection!

Once you’ve gone through the process of choosing your perfect engagement ring, make sure its protected! Get an INSTANT QUOTE to find out how little it will cost you now!