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Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Tips for the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

23 Feb 18

But first, let me take a selfie!

In this day and age, an engagement ring selfie is basically the modern day equivalent of an engagement announcement. How else can you show your grandma, your bestie from university and the girl you met at the gym last week all at once? The very first thing most brides-to-be do after saying yes (and getting Centrestone Insurance of course!) is snap the perfect pic of this milestone moment!

So how exactly do you capture just how beautiful your ring looks on your finger in one snapshot? You don’t have to be a professional photographer or schedule a hand lift for the occasion. All you have to do is figure out the perfect lighting and angels to maximise the natural light hitting your sparkler and figure out the beautiful back drop to set the scene of the engagement location!

Here are the best tips for nailing your first insta shot on the way to married life #couplegoals.

Maximum Sparkle: Diamond Cut

Round brilliant – there is a reason why the round brilliant is the most popular cut when it comes to engagement rings. With 58 facets it is perfect for maximum light reflection. This cut is best for an outdoors snap to make the most of your diamonds bling factor.

Princess cut – coming in a close second, the princess cut has a distinctive cross shaped reflection from above giving it its renowned brilliance and fire.

Pear and Oval – if you’re opting for uniqueness, pear and oval cuts are the way to go!

Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Lighting: Diamond Setting

Prong setting – if you want your ring glimmering like a star in the night sky make sure you opt for prong setting. The large spaces between prongs allows maximum light to hit the diamond leading to increased brilliance. If you have a prong setting, take your engagement selfie in a well-lit location to take full advantage of light flowing into the diamond!

Halo setting – a halo can be set around many different cuts and is a guaranteed way to make your ring look glitzy as well as give the appearance of a bigger Centrestone.


Proposer/ fiancé – there is nothing sweeter than setting the scene of the dreamy proposal with a snap of your ring and fiancé. Combine this with a furry friend like a cute pup for maximum awe factor.

Scenery shot – capture the romantic location of your engagement whether it be a cosy breakfast in bed or a beachside sunset. Share the unique and personal parts of your engagement that made it so special!

Now that you have the fiancé, the ring, and the perfect engagement ring selfie, it’s time to sit back, enjoy the ‘likes,’ and start planning your big day!

Once you’ve gone through the process of choosing your perfect engagement ring, make sure its protected! Get an INSTANT QUOTE to find out how little it will cost you now!