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Mysterious disappearance coverage

The Best Jewellery Insurance Policy at the Best Price

Diamonds Falling

Mysterious Disappearance Coverage with Centrestone

Your Jewellery’s Safety Net for Those Unexplained Losses

Jewellery isn’t just an adornment; it’s a narrative of love, legacy, and personal milestones. Yet, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, losing a precious piece—be it a diamond slipping from its setting or an entire piece vanishing without a trace—can happen unexpectedly. Mysterious disappearances of jewellery are a common concern, occurring when least anticipated. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance provides a comprehensive safety net, ensuring that the story of your cherished pieces doesn’t end with their disappearance.

Comprehensive Coverage for Untraceable Losses

The phenomenon of mysteriously lost jewellery can be distressing, turning cherished moments into memories of loss. Centrestone’s Mysterious Disappearance Cover is specifically designed to address these scenarios, offering protection when your jewellery vanishes under inexplicable circumstances. Our coverage ensures that you’re not left pondering over the whereabouts of your valuables but are supported to overcome the loss swiftly and satisfactorily.

Why Choose Centrestone for Mysterious Disappearance Coverage?

Broad Protection: From a gemstone mysteriously falling out of its setting to the entire piece becoming irretrievable, our coverage encompasses a wide array of mysterious disappearance scenarios.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your jewellery is insured against even the most baffling losses allows you to wear and enjoy your pieces with confidence, every day.

Seamless Support: In the event of a mysterious disappearance, Centrestone’s dedicated team ensures a straightforward claims process, guiding you with empathy and efficiency towards resolution.

Keep Your Jewellery Legacy Secure

With Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, the mysterious disappearance of your jewellery doesn’t signify the end of its story. Instead, it marks a moment where our comprehensive coverage steps in to safeguard your legacy. Trust Centrestone to protect your precious pieces against the unforeseen and unexplainable, letting you cherish and enjoy your jewellery with assurance and peace of mind.


Other Online
Jewellery Insurance

Renters/ Home &
Contents Insurance


Coverage Limits

150% of Appraisal Value

Appraisal Value to 150%

Capped as low as $2,500

Appraisal Value

Worldwide Coverage






Mysterious Disappearance

Limited Impact of Claims on
Homeowners Insurance

Monthly Pay Option or Discount for
Annual Pay

Gifts to Others at Separate Address



No Excess




Free Annual Insurance Value Updates

Like for like replacement

Majority offer cash payouts
less than value of replacement

How are we different to Home & Contents Insurance?

We'll let you compare


Home & Contents

Return to your
preferred jeweller

150% to protect
from price increases


No excess fee

Worldwide cover

Often limited to
Australia Wide

Cover for accidental
damage, loss & theft

Limited coverage

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance Policy Benefits

Diamonds Falling

The 5 C's of Jewellery - Cut , Colour, Clarity, Carat and Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

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Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, is Australia’s premiere jewellery insurance specialist. Offering the best engagement ring insurance & wedding ring insurance, we keep it simple – comprehensive jewellery insurance cover against damage, loss and theft – anytime, anywhere.

We provide the best comprehensive worldwide jewellery insurance for your precious engagement ring, wedding ring and timepieces. We cover your jewellery wherever it goes. Your precious jewellery is made to be worn, so why insure it with a company that will only cover it at home?

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